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This blog started as an online diary and place for me to rant about annoyances in my family.

However since July it has become a place for me to catalogue and express my views and opinions on the treatment I have recieved following the diagnosis of a potentially cancerous tumor in my bowel.

On 3rd August 2011 I was told that it was cancerous. In April 2012 I was given the all clear.

October 15th 2013 I was diagnosed with peritoneal disease and liver metastases. The cancer was back and this time it is inoperable.

It is a little bit out of date as the NHS doesn't tend to have a WiFi connection in hospital and I can only post when I get home and posts take a while to write.

It is NOT about individuals or the nursing profession. It is about some of the inadequacies in the system and the way the NHS is failing some people.

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I'm full of Christmas cheer

So, I had my 5th chemotherapy appointment this morning and am currently sat in guildford friary shopping centre before heading back to the hospital to pick up my tablets. There will be no IV drip today. As regular readers will know I have really suffered with the sensitivity to cold caused by the oxaliplatin. After session number 4, I was regularly having to cover my mouth when out walking to stop me becoming very short of breath, I I was feeling the cold through gloves especially when pushing the pushchair & even struggled unloading the washing machine yesterday because the laundry was cold and my fingers went all numb again. I told all this to my dotor and he appeared to be concerned enough to stop the oxaliplatin and give me a larger dose of capceitabine(?). To be honest at this moment in time I am not sure what I feel. I don't know if this is a permanent solution or whether I will have to have it again in the future. I feel like a bit of a cop out. I was bought up that you finished a course of medication and having been on anti depressants for the best part of 10 years I know what the effects of missing one day/treatment can be. On the other hand, the side effects were seriously affecting my quality of life and more importantly my relationships with tony and the children. So what now? As mentioned I have been for a shop in Guildford and spent most of my Christmas money and have to head back to the hospital soon to pick up my tablets and have my PICC line flushed and redressed. But at least now I will be able to drink cold drinks and can go back to having cereal for breakfast rather than porridge, which I am not a massive fan off!!